Mean Streets: NYC and the Constant Cat Call

Anyone who’s ever travelled on a subway or walked down a street in New York knows that this great city is chock-full of gorgeous, bold and sexy women.

And while everyone can appreciate some well-shaped curves or some eye-catching swag, sometimes what’s meant as appreciation can come off incredibly annoying, and maybe even creepy.

To put it another way, dudes be on these fly honeys like… flies on honey.

This all-too-common problem for women in the city is often taken in daily stride by the women themselves and ignored by the men, who probably have no idea how frequent a hassle cat-calling can actually be.

Personally, I have to admit, I smile at the ‘God bless yous’ and nod at the hellos. I actually broke out laughing the other day when a man outside a store offered me whatever vegetables I wanted for free. But I draw the line at grunts and gestures, and once, while walking on the South Street Seaport, a man told me, “Damn baby, you make me want to bite you!” BITE me, dawg? Really?

What can be a compliment to a woman can also be an insult, especially when it seems many guys just fling out these comments senselessly to any female passerby.

I met Giana at the Inspired Word, Mike Geffner’s weekly spoken word show. Giana had some really cool things to say about the issue of cat calling.

giana on cat calling from Roxanna Asgarian on Vimeo.

I’ve got a couple other interviews in the works so a full-on video should be coming along shortly.

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