Do we really want a Walmart in New York City?

After many failed attempts, the mother of big box stores in America is preparing to disembark in New York City. It has taken nearly 50 years since the company’s foundation, but, pending some details, Walmart is coming to the Big Apple to stay, according to what’s been appearing in every city major newspaper this past week.

The question now is which of the city’s five boroughs will be chosen to accommodate the Kansas-based retailer new store. It seems that the company’s executives have already set their eyes in East New York, specifically in the Gateway II shopping center site in Jamaica Bay, Brooklyn. Still, the chances for all the remaining boroughs remain open. But, what do their residents have to say about it?

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This is the preferred location for Walmart to build their first store in New York City

New York has always shown a strong opposition towards Walmart. The company’s five years ago initiative to build stores in Queens and Staten Island failed due to community opposition. This same week, after a heated city council debate, Speaker Christine Quinn told the Daily News that the retailer is not welcomed in the city. “Walmart is something I am not supportive of,” Quinn told the newspaper. “I’m always going to stand with small businesses, and that’s why I’m going to stay consistent in this position.”

Quinn’s argument in favor of the little people might be admirable, but what she seems to forget is that the even less fortunate -that’s the little, little people- would be much happier if finally a new place defies the sky rocketing grocery and supplies prices in New York City.

“I’m tired of spending nearly all my husband’s salary in food every month. As far as I’m concerned, having a Walmart here would be a blessing,” said Odetta Clarkson, a Brooklyn resident. She is not alone. According to the New York Post, a poll conducted by respected pollster Doug Schoen showed that 71 percent of New Yorkers support the arrival of the big box store chain to the city. That number grows in specific areas like Brooklyn (76 percent) and specially The Bronx (80 percent), the borough with the highest unemployment rate, where the company’s promise to create more than 2000 jobs with its new location was understandably well received. Yet, you should have learned by now to take everything The Post says with a grain of salt. What they forgot to tell us and New York Magazine didn’t, is that the poll was commissioned by no other than… Walmart!

If you are tired of corporations marketing campaigns, every issue being politicized and questionable newspaper impartiality, here’s a chance to raise your independent voice.

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