The NYC Nomad

Meet Ed Casabian. He has dubbed himself New York’s City’s quintessential wanderer. The 29-year old embarked on a journey to explore and travel in his own city. So far he has spent nights in neighborhoods as varied as Park Slope, Queens, Washington Heights and Williamsburg, just to name a few.

“I’m definitely searching for a place to stay in Staten Island,” says Casabian. “Everytime I meet someone I ask ‘Hey do you know someone in Staten Island?'” Casabian says it’s been pretty difficult to find a place to stay out there.

Casabian was inspired to venture out on the project after a breakup and decided that his love for travel would help him through it.

A usual stay ideally lasts a week. And Casabian plans to do the project at least for the next year.  Follow him on his journey on his blog at

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